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Useful tips

Would you rather recieve electronic statement to Expresní linka Plus than paper one into your post-box?

In Main menu/Statements/eStatement Setup Overview, setup receiving statements in the electronic form in the requested frequency. Electronic statements will be then available for downloading directly in the Expresní linka Plus application. You also have the possibility to be informed about availability of the electronic statement for.

Download and initialization of the signing part is currently in process. Please wait...

Important notice

    Dear Clients,
    As we have informed you, we are going to terminate the Expresni linka Plus internet banking from the July 1st, 2017.
    You can still call the Expresni linka phone banking at +420 955 559 559 to consult your accounts.
    To access your accounts by the internet you can use the MojeBanka internet banking.
    If you have any question, please do contact us at +420 955 551 552, at email mojebanka@kb.cz or contact your Relationship manager at branch.
    We believe that the MojeBanka internet banking will fully substitute the Expresni linka Plus application.
    Komer?n? banka