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Questionnaire Authorisation Confirmation

Dear client,
We would like to ask you to provide information, which will help us properly evaluate your needs. The information is required by the Bank in accordance with Act No. 256/2004 Coll., regarding trading on the capital market.

Dear client,
Upon concluding the contract to buy and sell units IKS KB / SGAM, or transfer between funds, Komerční banka, a. s., will provide investment services in accordance with Act No. 256/2004 Coll., regarding trading on the capital market. Komerční banka, a. s., is a registered unit broker/dealer and thus is regulated by the Czech National Bank, which is the administrative authority for the capital market. Komerční banka, a. s., is obliged to provide investment services with professional care, following all applicable rules and regulations.

Prior to providing investment services, Komerční banka, a. s., is obliged to gather information about the client's expertise and experience in investing. Information obtained will be evaluated by the Bank in order to provide sufficient information, support, and advice for potentially risky investments.

You are not required to complete this questionnaire. If you decide to not complete it or your answers are incorrect, Komerční banka will not be able to properly evaluate whether provisioning of investment services or execution of transactions with an investment instrument represents a risk for you. Information provided to Komerční banka in this questionnaire is strictly confidential. No information will be provided to third parties, unless required by law.

The investment questionnaire will be archived together with other business documentation related to investment products and services in accordance with legislation. Please make sure you understand all information presented. In case of any ambiguity, do not hesitate to visit our branch or call our help line on +420 955 551 556. Our personnel will be happy to answer your questions.


1. Do you assume that your funds invested in the mutual fund are insured by law?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Yes, up to 80% of the investment value, however,
    no more than EUR 25 000.

2. In your opinion, how is the profit of investment / mutual fund being calculated?

  • Yield is determined in advance, in the form of a fixed interest rate.

  • Based on the current market conditions.

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