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Useful tips

Have your payment card under control.

Set up a notification which will be sent to you every time your payment card is used. This will provide you with a better view of your finances and subsequently increases user safety as you´re informed about card transactions when they are performed. Select the „Notification settings/Payment notifications/Card usage“ from the main menu.

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Important notice

    8th July, 2016
    Dear clients,
    we would like to warn you about the new phishing wave attacks directing KB clients in order to steal internet banking login credentials, which are used to steal your money.
    Do not click on links sent by unknown persons and fill in your login credentials! In the opposite case there is a high risk of stealing of your money. We strongly recommend you not to open e mails from unknown source, click unknown links to suspicious websites and never respond to e-mail messages requiring your personal and login data.
    Example of recent scam e-mail click here.
    In case you have received such e mail or any other suspicious e mail and opened and/or clicked on the link mentioned in such e mail, please contact us immediately through telephone service for internet banking +420 955 551 552 or send us an e mail to mojebanka@kb.cz.
    We recommend to install security tool Trusteer Rapport.
    Komerční banka
    19th March, 2016
    Dear clients,
    thank you for your patience during unavailability. Now, the MojeBanka internet bankning is fully available.
    Among the most important new features is, for example, the simplification of direct debit agreement settings.
    We believe that you will appreciate all the new features of MojeBanka online banking and Mobilni banka Business smart banking application.
    Komerční banka