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Useful tips

Do not spend money for paper statements anymore and set up electronic statements instead.

The MojeBanka application enables you to set up electronic statements from the main menu „Accounts/E-statements/E-statement setting summary“. Generated electronic statements are available directly in the application from the „Accounts/E-statements/Available e-statements“ menu.

Download and initialisation of the Signing Applet is currently in process. The process may take a few minutes. Please wait. . .

Important notice

  • 18th April, 2014

    Dear clients,
    During the night from 25th to 26th April 2014, internet banking will be inaccessible due to improvements to be carried out. It will be suspended on Friday 10:30pm and is scheduled for restart on Saturday 8:00pm.

    During this downtime, internet and mobile banking will be inaccessible, although you will be able to use payment cards.
    This change will provide you with new features, for example, instant updating of your balance (which you see on the account tab on your home page) according to your transactions, or smarter notifications on the due date of an authorised debit.
    Complete list of news you can see here.

    If you need any information in this respect, call us on 955 551 552.

    Thank you for your understanding.
    Komerční banka

  • 21st March, 2014

    Dear clients,
    we would like to inform you that from April 8, 2014 Microsoft will stop support for Windows XP.
    This means that for this operating system will no longer be issued automatically by Microsoft security updates. Even though the Komerční banka decided to support and test the operation of KB direct banking application for the Windows XP operating system until at least the end of 2014, we recommend switching to one of the later versions of the operating system as soon as possible.
    For more information about the options available visit the MS Windows site, or call Client line of direct banking +420 955 551 552.
    Komerční banka

  • 24th September, 2013

    Dear clients,
    currently the cyber-attack has been identified. The attack is aimed at Czech bank clients who use a smart card for working with online banking. It is strongly recommended to leave the smart card in the reader during the log-in and authorization of transactions only. In other cases keep the smart card out of the smart card reader. Please read the other recommendations in the Ten Rules of Security.
    Komerční banka

  • 06th September, 2013

    Dear clients,
    because of higher activity of internet hackers on Czech market we strongly recommend you take extra care when using internet. Please read carefully our Ten Rules of Security here.
    Komerční banka