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Do you know that Komercni banka helps protect you and your personal data?

Please install the Trusteer Rapport security tool which protects your computer against malicious financial software. More information you can find at https://www.kb.cz/security/client.

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Important notice

    1st December, 2016
    Dear clients,
    we would like to inform you about the deadlines for submitting payment orders in the end of year 2016 and at the beginning of year 2017.
    On the below stated links you find detail information about submitting payment orders:
    - via direct banking channels and Expresní linka KB,
    - at KB branches.
    Information about deadlines for crediting deposits to the building savings accounts kept with Modrá pyramida stavební spořitelna, a.s. in year 2016 and for cash deposits at Modrá pyramida central office you find here.
    Thank you for your trust in the ending year. We are looking forward to our future cooperation in the new year 2017.
    Komerční banka
    26th November, 2016
    Dear clients,
    thank you for your patience during unavailability. Now, the MojeBanka internet bankning is fully available.
    You can look forward to a clearer overview of payment orders and other improvements.
    Thank you for understanding and we believe that the new features will improve your satisfaction.
    Komerční banka