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Do you like on-line shopping and do you need to have your puchase as fast as possible?

Pay by our MojePlatba button. Using this pay button eShop will have an immediate information about payment and your purchase will be dipatched much faster. Detailed information and a list of involved eshops you can find here.

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Important notice

    21st June, 2017
    Dear clients,
    We have currently encountered fraudulent emails aimed at infecting recipient’s computer.
    The fraudulent email looks like it has been sent from KB email address: mojebanka@kb.cz, the subject of such email has the following text: Informace o platbě(SWIFT).
    However, instead of the promised detailed information, the attachment contains malware that is installed in the recipient’s computer once opened.

    We strongly advise you not to open such emails and attachments.
    The attachment is a 550kB file SWIFT.JAR containing malware, which is detected by anti-virus programs as a Trojan horse Java/Kryptik.FF.

    Example of a fraudulent email:
    Předmět: Informace o platbě(SWIFT)
    Od: Komerční banka [mailto:mojebanka@kb.cz]


    Platba probíhá prostřednictvím naší banky.
    Podrobnosti jsou připojeny

    Na Příkopě 33, 114 07 Praha 1
    P.O. BOX 839,
    Česká Republika
    Company ID: 45317054
    VAT reg. no.: CZ699001182
    Data box ID: 4ktes4w

    In case you have received the above mentioned email or encountered any other suspicious emails and opened such emails or any attachment included therein, as appropriate, we ask that you immediately contact our Internet banking helpline at 955 551 552.

    To prevent similar attacks, we recommend that you protect your PC with Trusteer Rapport.

    Komerční banka
    3rd May, 2017
    Dear clients,
    We have currently registered an increased number of scam e mails. This scam is based on a scenario where the fraudster impersonates a senior manager of the company and contacts employee who has access to the company's finances and the relevant authorisations to execute bank transfers. First of all the fraudster requests the employee to inform him about the current account balance and then orders him to execute the urgent foreign payment. Finally the fraudster wants to know the result of the payment processing. Incorrect czech language is used in such e-mails and the payment description Administrativní seminár might be included. In case you have received such an e mail, please contact us immediately via telephone service for internet banking +420 955 551 556 or send us an e mail to mojebanka@kb.cz.
    Komerční banka
    25th March, 2017
    Dear clients,
    thank you for your patience during unavailability. Now, the MojeBanka internet bankning is fully available.
    You can look forward to transfer acceleration between accounts of Komerční banka and further enhancements of internet banking.
    We hope that you will enjoy the innovations.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Komerční banka