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We do our best to make paying easy, fast and secure with us. On our new website, you will find news and attractions to show that you can also pay smartly with Komerční banka.

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Important notice

    2nd December, 2017
    Dear clients,
    thank you for your patience during unavailability. Now, the MojeBanka Business internet banking is fully available.

    From now on, you will have the possibility of downloading your account data for more days, and if you change your credit card limit setting, it will be put into effect immediately and not on the following day as previously. Please see also other improvements to the Internet banking.

    We hope you will enjoy our improvements, and thank you for your understanding.

    Komerční banka
    1st December, 2017
    Dear clients,
    in connection with the end of 2017, we would like to inform you about the times for submitting payment orders in the last days of this year.

    For further information click here: www.kb.cz/year-end.

    Thank you for your favor expressed in this year and we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation in the new year 2018.

    Komerční banka
    1st August, 2017
    Dear clients,
    We have still registered not decreasing number of scam e-mails. This scam is based on a scenario where the fraudster impersonates a senior manager of the company and contacts employee who has access to the company's finances and the relevant authorisations to execute bank transfers. First of all the fraudster requests the employee to inform him about the current account balance and then orders him to execute the urgent foreign payment. Finally the fraudster wants to know the result of the payment processing. Incorrect czech language is used in such e-mails and the payment description Administrativní seminár might be included. In case you have received such an e-mail, please contact us immediately via telephone service for internet banking +420 955 551 556 or send us an e mail to mojebanka@kb.cz.
    Komerční banka